How do you replace AC Condenser and Evaporator in 1999 Pontiac Montana with rear AC? on 1999 Pontiac Montana

Have leak in condenser and or lines. Need to replace. How?

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condenser is in front of the radiator. not an easy job. the evap is inside the dash and the dash has to be removed. combined, it is a 12 hour job for a shop. you may want to re consider doing it on your own.

the condenser is infact in front of the radiator. but you have to remove the coolong fans, radiator, all associated lines, and hoses, and sensors. I have to replace mine tomorrow. will update when i am done (thats if i still have it by then)
were are the drains located for the condensation from the a/c. can anyone help?
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where is the ac drain coil in a pontiac montana 99?