How do you repair the valve cover gaskets on both sides of the vehicle? on 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

I know the gaskets are less that 30 dollars. However, the repair man wants 320 to fix it.

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Raise the hood, stand there and look at this engine for awhile and try to figure out how in the hell can this even be done on the drivers side!!
That should help you to understand the charge for labor.....maybe! That is a good price, btw..!!
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Are you sure it's the valve cover gaskets leaking , and how long do you want the repair to last for?
That's what the mechanic said. I could get a warranty for at least 1 year.
You remove all that is necessary to be able to get to, and remove the valve covers, then with new gaskets in place, you need to put everything back and make it run properly. Nothing like experience. Shop around.