2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Q&A

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Question: How do you remove the tie rod end from the steering end link?

Step by step directions on removing the tie rod ends from the steering end link -
Answer 1
You can find some instructions here: http://bit.ly/le2x6 If you don't have a puller for the tie rod end, just hit the knuckle with a hammer and this will free it up. To prevent premature tire wear, you should have it aligned after the repair. -
Comment 1
hammer didnt free my inner tie rod??? its still on and messed up, and i dont have no way to get to auto zone to get a tool now. -
Comment 2
loosen the tie rod at the knuckle end of the tie rodbut dont take it all the way off until you loosen it from the steering knuckle use a two jaw puller to separate it thene to get alignment mark the threads on the tie rod end with some paint so you can get it close to where it was .thread the tie rod end into the inner tie rod and tighten to torque specs, take to get alignment -