how do you remove the rear axle seals and bearings on my 1992 isuzu rodeo? on 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

the rear axle had started leaking and i was told it was the seals and bearings, it was, and now i opened up the diff only to find that the pinion shaft lock bolt has been snapped

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You mean the spider gear pin retainer bolt? If so only one way I know to remove it, BFH and a BFP! Drive it out of the gear carrier, sheering the remaining part of the retainer bolt cause it has got to come out! Big hammer & punch. Remaining part of the bolt can be removed after pin is out. Have you done this type of repair before? I mean without the broken bolt deal, just in general.
This procedure prob. not found in a book! However it will get the job done.