How do you remove the gas tank out of the rear trunk ??? on 1991 Jaguar XJ6

Having problems with the two lines that connect inside of the tank to the existing lines that run through the body and to the filters..

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The are clips on the fuel lines turn them 1/4 turn then remove lines the clips are on the tank
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You have to undo the straps then take the gas cap off and unswew the the gas fuldal the swews is in sild under the fundal then you will nestes running from the fundel to the bottom of car decent it then pull it out a little telt it alittle you going to push down the fuel pump at the same time pull rhe gastack out but do not figet about the gas lines that run from the bottom of the gastank you wil need another person to help you hold the gastank would you you undo the gas lines.