how do you remove the belt, inorder to remove the starter on an 87 celica on 1990 Toyota Celica

how do you remove the belt, in order to remove the starter on an 87 celica. Do I need to remove the alternator to take off the starter? The book I have is for the later models of this car and shows removal of the starter to be very easy, with nothing in the way. But it doesn't seem to be that simple with my 87.

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As far as I remember the starter is on the drivers side of the engine as you look into the engine compartment. You need to disconnect the battery, remove the air filter housing and the starter is right there accessible to you, The starter is held onto the bell housing with 2 x 14mm bolts, the battery cable wire at the starter should be 12mm. The air filter bolts and housing bolts require a 10mm socket to remove.