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2004 Ford Taurus Question: how do you remove a radiator?

i am trying to remove my radiator because its leaking anti freeze -
Answer 1
Removal and Installation NOTE: 3.0L (2V) shown, 3.0L (4V) similar. Remove the battery and battery tray. Drain the cooling system. Disconnect the upper radiator hose. Disconnect the degas return hose. Using the special tool, disconnect the upper transmission cooler line. Remove the two A/C condenser retaining bolts. Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the radiator support bracket bolts and the radiator support bracket. Disconnect the lower radiator hose. Disconnect the lower transmission cooler line. Remove the two bolts retaining the condenser to the radiator. Secure the A/C condenser. Remove the bolt retaining the P/S cooler to the radiator. Remove the nuts and the radiator support brackets. Remove the radiator from the vehicle. To install, reverse the removal procedure. -
Comment 1
does it come out from top or bottom? -
Comment 2
You need to jack up the vehicle high enough and set it on jack stands so one can remove the radiator from the bottom of the vehicle. -
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