How do you read an OBD-1 with a 16 pin connector? on 1994 Oldsmobile 98

Last week I started having issues with the car stalling during idle or coasting. The engine light is on. I suspect the issue is with the IAC valve or the MAF sensor. I've been trying to get the engine codes, but everyone I've tried can't link to it to get a scan. It's funky because it has an OBD-1 computer with an OBD-2 16 pin connector. If it was the regular 12 pin, I'm sure I'd easily be able to rig it to get the flash codes. All signs seem to point that the circuitry in the connector is set up for OBD-2. From my research, my car was manufactured during the OBD transition period in the early/mid 90's. Is there any special trick to get the codes?

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All my scan tools will read from the '80s on up to '14. If the proper scan tool is used, like an OBD2 that will also read a '94.
What scan tools are you using? I see you're from TX. It's a bit of a hike from CA.
I have some from the early '80s on up. I have around 9 different ones. There are several now days that are built with adapters for OBD 1 & 2. They are more expensive then just a basic code reader but the do more.
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