how do you know when you need a new transmission on 1997 Ford Mustang GT

I have trouble moving from second to forth gear when getting on freeway, then it kicks in at 4RPM then goes back down to normal I have just had service done on it.The man said I need a new transmission. do I ??????? thanks for any help you can give

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get diagnostic at aamco and estimate
AAA did a check on transmission and changed the oil in the transmission and the filter said old oil was burnt, The guy there at AAA said you need a new transmission when ever you want to do it ,its up to you. Since I have had this trouble with second gear to 4th for years and Ford telling me their is nothing wrong with my car now I take it some where else and they say you need a new transmission. I just want to know are these people con men or what???just spent a lot of money to get it check out.Any help you can give me would be very helpful. Regards Annie6
Sounds like a non shifting trans. May need replacemeny. Have a reputable shop in ur area that is a top shop certified. Usually accompanied with an service engine light soon. If it does have it scanned for transmission trouble codes.
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Is it automatic or manual? Slipping automatic transmission will feel like your car is going in neutral during acceleration thus increasing the rpm and a non shifting auto transmission will have your rpm really high but not pick up speed.
Its Automatic, thats right RPM high not picking up speed but does kick in in a few seconds then back to normal had the car in to FORD MANY TIMES THEY TELL ME NOTHING WRONG,I took it to AAA shop they drove said it needs new transmission, is that true??? thank you for your time Regards Annie6
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