How do you know if its the mass air control sensor?!

on 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

We have replaced the ignition module(once) and the crankshaft sensor (twice). We are still having the same issues, stalling/ not restarting and no dummy lights to show what's wrong. We took it to GM to have it fixed but they tell me nothing is wrong with the car!!!!! I know there is something wrong with the car and its not safe to drive my toddler around in!!

Learn how to test ignition system for spark!! Keep provisions in car to do this test!! Next time it stalls and will NOT restart, check for spark!! IF spark is present, then start looking at fuel related components!!.... That's the way it's done, or have a repair shop do this but it will take awhile..... In any event.. Stop wasting your money by throwing on parts!.. Obviously that ain't working!!!!
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I'm having the same problem. So far I have found that if I disconnect the ignition control module that the car will start again and run without problems for a time. Thought it was just a connection issue so I used dielectric grease and reconnected but it happened again. Disconnected and reconnected and drove it home. Trying to decide if the ICM or the Crank sensor should be changed. Problem is not temperature related.
Any ideas?