how do you jump the compressor to start turning before paying money to get a new one? on 1996 Ford Contour

I just put freon in my car but the compressor is now not turning, it was working before it got hot outside, now when we need it the most, it doesn't work.

Asked by for the 1996 Ford Contour
You could try to run a jumper from the positive side of the battery to the compressor clutch. I imagine there's something wrong in the system and the compressor is shut down to prevent damage to the system, but if you want to experiment, you could try the jumper, but I don't recommend you run the car that way as if it were normal. All you can prove is whether the clutch works and you could see if the system cools when the compressor is running.
Get it diagnosed and fix what's actually wrong. Sounds to me that you're assuming the compressor is faulty but I'm not convinced from what you've written in your question.
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