how do you inspect the timing belt on a 2000 VW beetle on 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

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Is there an inspection plate that can be removed to view at least part of the belt?
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you can pull back the top of the cover thats about it. i do believe it call for belt at approx 100k or like 8 yrs. rec changing if thats where you are

45K miles (12 years old). Dealer service advisor told me he "pulled back the cover and belt needed replacement". I checked - no indication anyone had touched the timing cover. I was thinking there might be some cover on the underside that was readily accessable but couldn't see one.

Belt probably should be replaced due to age alone - but I didn't like getting mislead about "inspecting" it.
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i understand but if they did you probably wouldn't be able to tell. seek a 2nd opinion and price, i rec you cahnge water pump at the same time as preventitive maint
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