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2001 Ford Taurus Question: How do you fix the no heat no coolant issue?



blueskeyes, 3.0L V6, West Des Moines, IA, July 03, 2014, 00:48

My girlfriends car has no heat, haven't for awhile, coolant tank was dry, never overheated, put coolant in, checked for leaks nothing major, water pump started squealing, tank started bubbling over, thought I over filled it, sifted some out, drove it all day, ran dry, topped it off, let it run with tank cap off, seemed to hold the fluid, but still no heat and water pump still squealing, know it needs water pump but what's up with the heat? Another thing I'm working on with this car, cylinder #1 not firing right, low spark rate, new plugs, wires not to long ago, plug gapped bad, not dirty or rusty, probably excessive heat I'm thinking but not 100%, what's the best route to go with this without replacing a bunch of unnecessary components?

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