2001 Toyota RAV4 Q&A

2001 Toyota RAV4 Question: How do you clear the Catalyst Not Ready and Evap Not Ready codes?

I had an engine check code of P0440 and using a scan tool cleared it but now Im not able to get these monitors ready for the smog test. It has been over 90 degrees for weeks. (Las Vegas) -
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you must repair issues 1st. clearing light is temporary and monitors will not reset b4 light comes back on. seek diag and est after light comes back on. -
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Thanks for your reply!! My car is a 2001 and has less than 48K miles. I replaced the battery awhile ago but thats about it. Drives fine....so I am not anticipating any repairs. Can you pay a shop to do the drive cycles? I have cleared a check engine light myself...after the battery problem. The code was regarding fuel 0440 and I believe that was due to not putting the gas cap back on correctly. I am starting to worry that my best car ever could turn into a big problem with me. -