1999 Volkswagen EuroVan Q&A

1999 Volkswagen EuroVan Question: How do you change the spark plugs on the eurovan?

My Euro Van is a Rialta Camper. It needs a tuneup but the VW dealer will not touch it. How do you acess the plugs to change them -
Answer 1
My book shows a repair time of 1 1/2 hours to replace the spark plugs, Maybe call one of the shops listed here www.repairpal.com/directory put in your vehicles info and your zip code. You can also get a estimate here for spark plug replacement www.repairpal.com/estimator -
Answer 2
from underneath.use the jack -
Answer 3
I also have a Rialta. To Change the front plugs, release the radiator bolts and lean it forward. The rear plugs are easier. Also check your plug wires if you have more than 50K miles. Also, if your trans locks up in a lower gear when it is hot, have an air cooler installed. Bill 415-531-6575 -