2004 Buick Rainier Q&A

2004 Buick Rainier Question: Water coming from underneath passenger dash board onto rug.

Water coming from underneath dash into rug in the passenger side,not sure if its heater core or air condition problem. -
Answer 1
If the liquid tastes sweet it is anti-freeze, if it is just water, then it is from a plugged up A/C water drain hose. -
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I have the same problem on the same vehicle. It is definitely A/C condensation. I cannot find any plugged drains. If I run the Rainier with the passenger side carpet pulled back, I can see the leak begin a few minutes after the A/C is turned on. It makes about 1 gallon of water an hour. update; This turned out to be the A/C drain tube located on a nipple sticking out from the firewall, next to the A/C hoses. Pull the tube, be prepared to get a lot of water, then clear the tube and put it back on. -
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Thank you much. That's exactly what I found. The drain plug was clogged with alot of old leaves. -
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Thank You, Thank You...Thank You!! Exactly what it was...Mechanic would have charged me 300 bucks and told me "your water pump is backed up" and I would have believed it and paid it. After all water coming into the cabin looks like a serious problem, and the water pump has to do with water right?? Pulled the rubber hose, water came out, cleaned it with a rag and plugged it back in...30 seconds and the problem was solved. -
Answer 2
Air condition drain plug is clogged. The drain plug is under the hood behind the ac compressor on the firewall. -
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Thanks again, that's what I found. The drain plug was glogged with alot of old leaves. -