how do you change the fuel filter? on 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada

It starts first time in the morning and the rest of the day it takes 5 to 8 cranks to get it to start.

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Jack up the drivers side enough to get a creeper or just yourself under. Get underneath it in between the front and rear doors and look on the inside of the frame rail and you will see it there along with the three lines that sit in the same housing as it. There is a bolt that holds this plastic strap on; the bolt is in between the top of the filter and where the three fuel lines go on top of the strap/filter holder. Once you have taken this bolt loose you need to take your fuel lines loose on both sides of the filter. Mine drained about 2 ounces of fuel out so don't be expecting a bucket full when you take those likes loose. After you take those lines off the filter you must then take the lines that snap into the top of the strap off. After that, good luck getting the filter out of that strap. I took mine over to the band saw and made one cut in the strap on the back of it toward the top, and since the plastic is so strong and flexible it hold it without any issues after that. That's not exactly my recommendation as far as cutting the strap, a new one should be purchased if you can't get the old one off, like i couldn't, but then again i am way too cheap to do that.

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