How do you change out the alternator? on 2004 Ford Escape

Alternator only 1yr old, but battery test as good, was told alternator is the problem, it's still under warranty so I just need to get it off to take back and exchange.

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I wish it was as easy as Field Mechanic say's. The alternator needs to be removed through the bottom of the engine. This requires removing the right side drive axel to access it. Some say you need to jack up the engine to get it out but I was able to change mine without loosening the motor mounts. It's not a fun job but if your mechanically inclined you should be able to handle it.
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Well first of all un hook the battery cables. Take the belt of around the alt. and unblolt it from the engine,then if it has a removable pulley remove it form the alt. Then put it back on the new alt. and follow the steps in reverse,or go to Auto and sighn up for there free online service books its free and it will show you step by step also haw to remove and install a alt.