how do you change a brake light switch on a kia sadona on 2007 Kia Sedona

how do you change a brake light switch on a kia sadona

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I'm sure youve taken care of it by now. But for any future questions. I had ESC OFF and CHECK ENGINE LITES on with no brake lites. Took to get scan at local Auto Parts store which called out brake switch. Found out from another blog that there was a recall on that switch but didnt cover my VIN number. So bought switch for $13 and installed myself. Easy to install hard to get to. The brake lites work now and the ESC OFF lite is off. (ESC LITE will come on when ESC OFF lite is engaged, which is normal). The check engine lite took a day to go away. HINT in replacing switch 1. Remove Drivers seat to get to switch. I tried at first to do with seat in and was difficult to finish job. There are only four bolts to remove seat. 2. The Brake pedal arm has a groove in it which sits right below brake switch. When removing or installing brake switch bolt is sure to find its way into that groove which is time consuming to get out. After I got the bolt out I simply put duct tape over the groove. I wish I would have done that in the first place. Good luck
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I am not sure if there is a hatch to gain axcess to the bulbs or the lamp gets removed to replace the bulbs but Kia as a car manufacturer put a lot of great technical information and work shop manuals on line for free for Kia owners.
Here is a step by step process with detailed pictures on how to change the front brake pads and rotors on a kia sedona.