How do you bypass the lock on the floor shifter so the car can be put in gear on 2005 Ford Five Hundred

I can start the car, but not place it in gear even with the brake depressed

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I do not see a bypass method in repair manual. Check you owner manual for info or just call ford dealer and ask if there is a bypass method. Also you might check to see if your brake lamps are working. Brake on off switch sends signal to release switch in shifter console to release shifter lock. Techs in my shop just told me if you insert key in the ignition lock and turn it just one notch you can get shifter out of park....then put shifter to nentral and then start engine. (check your brake lamps)
Thanks,my problem is more the car starts, but won't come out of park or turns off, but you can't get all the way in to pull key out.