1998 Saturn SW1 Q&A

1998 Saturn SW1 Question: how do you back flush the heater core in a 1998 saturn sw1?

cant find any easy access to get to the heater hoses..help! -
Answer 1
you can follow hoses to eng and flush from there or at heater core -
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no room to access them.. -
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What is the problem your having. Just because you had a head gasket replaced doesn't mean your heater core will plug. What is the complaint with the vehicle. -
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oil entered the coolant system.. -
Answer 2
Welcome to the world of auto repair. I think the engineers that design the automobiles should have to work on them for one year. They might design them to work on them. Here's a video to explain what needs to be done. You better try to find a way to get to the hoses, because the alternative is something that you won't want to do. Replacing the heater core is real fun, NOT. Few this video. good luck This is the proper way to flush a cooling system. http://youtu.be/n6TVKwiINQ4 -
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core is new. head gasket went kaput..hence the need to flush the core.. -