How do you add fluid to a Subaru CVT transmission? on 2011 Subaru Legacy

I like to perform my own maintenance on my vehicles and since this is my first Subaru it would be good reference.

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i would rec you let the dealer do that trans service,these are very special transmissions and need special attention. why are you in need of trans fluid already?
No, not in need of any fluid just curious. Since there is no dipstick tube to use as a refill spout if one were to flush the transmission fluid when the time comes. I was just wondering where the fill plug would be.
Hey Guys,
I was told buy a Subaru dealer that the cost of draining and refilling the trans fluid in my 2011 legacy cvt 4cyl would be approximately $329.00 no filter and only 65 PERCENT of the fluid would be changed and reason for cost was, 1 1/2 to 2 hours on the hoist to bring the fluid to the right temp! WOW! can I buy the fluid myself and change? yes I have a trans pump! u tube videos or info!
You're help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Wayne
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I am trying to save money and have the same concerns,Please see my reply and share what you learn!
Thanks ,Wayne.