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2001 Nissan Xterra Question: how do u replace the knock sensor? Is it a big job?

"service engine soon" light keep coming on Code reader says "knock sensor" -
Answer 1
Try YouTube Videos, it will give you a better insight. -
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Thanks for the answer. I will try that -
Answer 2
And may or may not be the problem! -
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That was the diagnosis of the repair shop. Thank you for the reply. -
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Well the code does not mean that the sensor itself is the problem! Possible circuit to the sensor or engine noise the sensor is, well , sensing! However it could be a bad sensor but needs to be checked out first. Everyone assumes that a code points directly at the problem/sensor,, not the case at all.! Now that is when the true diagnostics begin by a qualified mechanic!! -
Answer 3
www.alldatadiy.com for info -
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thank you for the tip. -