How do u remove a broken spark plug from a 2.2 engine on 1995 Toyota Camry

Got a spark plug that is broken down inside a tube on a 2.2 and cannot get it out,, what tools can you use or should us???

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AS pushrod tried to's not the tools they use , as much as it is the skill and experience needed to use the tools without doing further damage!
Do those tubes come off the engine so you can get to the plug easier??
Yep they screw out. Lefty loosey!.....33/64 drill bit, 14mm x 125 tap and compressed air, compression stroke then turn engine to lower piston a bit, this should be enough to get you in trouble! If you mess that up, can have an insert installed! Or try that as well. Only reason i posted this is your 'handle' is what it is! Car guy... and it seems you are going to attempt this anyway! Anything else??.... Might find a video on youtube!
Cool,, I'm doing this for a old lady that got ripped off by a so call mechanic ,, thank so much!!!
Just take your time and watch what you are doing!
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This is a job for a seasoned mechanic! If not very careful, can do more damage than good. Save yourself some money and have this fixed. It can be extracted without head removal if NO MORE damage is done.
Yes I see that, but what tools do they have to get that spark plug out
Bore scope to see what the deal is down in the plug well to start with then it depends on what is found.