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2000 Ford Ranger Question: How do I turn off theft from my pickup that stops my engine from turning on?

My pickup had alarm and I lost the remote so I paid for the alarm to be removed but now that I try to turn it on the theft light blinks rapidly and the car does not turn on....oh my windshield has a stickers that says prestige alarm system -
Answer 1
Needs to be diagnosed, The Pats system is not part of the after market alarm, it's ford's anti theft system. -
Comment 1
Was removing my alarm a bad thing? -
Comment 2
No I have to do it all the time, the PATS is different, it's built with the truck. Usually it's the sender from the ignition switch to the pats module. -
Comment 3
How do you disconnect the Theft device? I would like to use standard keys. -