How do I troubleshoot heater blowing cold air regardless of temp dial setting? on 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Both hoses to heater core are hot, so I know the coolant is flowing, not blocked. How do I identify the air blender and actuator to troubleshoot?

Thanks, Joe

Asked by for the 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
If you had a scan tool to check hvac data it would be easier; If you open the glove box and can see the top of the heater case, look toward the center top of case. There is a square looking plastic piece screwed to the top with a small right angle arm holding a metal rod. That arm should turn the rod as you change the temp dial from Heat - Cold. If not moving the actuator is best reason for your problem.
Thanks for the timely response! I did find a video that recommends the same and I am very glad to get confirmation. I will try that and see what I can find.

Turns out that in 2007 Sport Trac, the blender is not behind the glovebox. It appears to be under the center of the dash in front of the console.
Change a lot of these on cars and trucks. Have found faster ways of doing them. The first one is always the hardest. Your welcome
For future reference, this YouTube video got me to the blender motor -
Glad you found it, I work on so many different makes and models I can't always remember the exact position they are, all I do is look at them and know which one is which, can't see it on the computer, and have my own program to help me. Glad to help if I helped at all.
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