How do I tighten mounting plate to front driver's side strut assembly? on 1999 Lexus RX300

I have a rattle coming from front-driver's side whenever i hit a bump or make a turn. I believe is has to do with my mounting plate to my strut assembly. Do I need to tighten any bolts to my mounting plate? If so, how do I get access to them and what size wrench will I need? If not, what is cost to replace a mounting plate?

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bushing is probably worn out.
replace it and i reccomend the strut as well.
mount is 30. strut is 69
labor is 1.2 hours
alignment is 79

the strut was changed approx 1 year ago. I ONLY need mounting plate to be replaced. Is there specific tooling I will need? I have sockets, open ends, and floor jack. Should I leave it to a mechanic instead? Can I buy mounting plate from an auto store (Kragen, Autozone,etc.)?
you need a spring compressor. we offer a service for take in for a charge of 25 if you remove the strut and bring it in.
any pepboys offers this service.

Did the original shop tell you that the plates were bad but you declined the work and just replaced the struts? I would chalk this up to a learning moment and take it back and have the rest of the job completed. Do both sides though and be done with it.
They replace the struts and did not recommend changing the mounting plates initially. A week afterwards, rattling sound was coming from both back assemblies. They kept on tightening down bolts, but rattle remained. Finally Manager got involved and recommended mounting plate replacement to rear. It worked.
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We talked about this already. Did the other shop replace them when you did the struts? There is a nut in the middle of the strut tower that should already be tight and the three smaller nuts that attach the bolts from the plate to the strut tower. You can check them all with the vehicle on the ground and the hood up.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISASSEMBLE THIS YOURSELF!!! The strut is under pressure with that spring and you need a special tool to remove and replace the mounting plate. Let me know if you have any other questions.