how do i test the power regulator to see if it is the switch or motor? on 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

driver side window stopperd working

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check if you have power, check fuses, check/listen the window motor on/off
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Get in van turn headlights and key on,do not start leave door open so dome light stays on, try to raise the pass. window and watch dome
light very closely at the same time as trying the window, see the light dim just a little bit.
Try it again see it dim, now try the same with the drivers window see it dim if it does replace window lift assem. if it does not replace switch
Or find open circuit to switch. Headlights just adds a little more load so you can see the light dim. Works every time.
Your older 'old school' than me!....I like that method, it uses both observation and common sense!(not a computer)
Much obliged, as us old farts say, but you ain't that far behind!
Is the door panel off? Or if the master switch comes out without removing panel , you can test for power and ground there , and test motor and switch for continuity.