How do I test and replace the driver's side power window switch on my 2004 carav on 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

The driver's window suddenly stopped working. The switch justs makes a click sound when I try to put the window down. All of the other PWs work fine. This just happened after my wife ran over a dead deer. Not sure if that event is related to the window problem.

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I need to know how to test power window switch?
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Did your wife drift left over the deer? I doubt it. Take the panel off and find out if there is power going to the power window motor when you switch it...if there is no power = bad switch...if there is power = bad motor.
Come on!
u may have a window motor issue. ck pwr to window motor 1st b4 replacing anything. the switches normally snap into door panel,pry up easy with a plastic wedge as to not scratch anything
Thanks. I pulled the switch panel out and disconnected the wires and put back in, then When I slammed the door shut, the window went down and wouldn't go back up. So, I held the button up and continued to slam the door and the window eventually went up in stages..I guess the window motor bushings are bad? Is there a way to test the motor or just replace the bushings?
normally we repl motor if availible on some models the motor is only avail with the regulator your local parts store and see how it comes. good luck
Thanks for all your help!
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