How do I tell if my 1999 Ford Escort is DOHC or SOHC, I do not have the owner's? on 1999 Ford Escort

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I need to purchase the correct PCV valve. Also need to know where it is and how to replace it.
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Take the car with you when you drive to a parts store and get their mechanic to check it for you. Or as Ziptie says look under the hood!
Best place to buy these parts is the Ford place as the pcv hose and the valve need to be
the latest update that other parts stores may not have. After you buy the parts you will see what to do.
You need BOTH the new hose and the pcv vave!
U R Welcom. If you have the SOHC silver in color, the pcv valve twist out turn about 1/4 turn left.
The DOHC engine is black in color. It pulls out, didn't think of that earlier.