How do I tell if I am getting fuel? on 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

I recently bought a used truck from a friend, and it had been sitting for a couple years. I replaced the battery and put new gas in it, but can only get it to run if I put fuel through the (I guess it's the throttlebody assembly,where I took off the plastic air intake and could see a choke flap) How can I find out if I am getting fuel, or if I have other problems without having to pay to take it to a repair shop? Would like to try to figure the problem first. Thanks!

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You will need a fuel pressure gauge for a proper test, This you will hook into fuel system at fuel filter or at fuel test port on the line near throttle body. With Key on and Engine off you should have 55-62 psi, depending on the results of this test you should also do a volume test to insure proper volume of gasoline flowing. If you do not have a pressure gauge you can remove the line at Throttle body to check for fuel, if you have any then the next step is the pressure gauge.

Thanks for the info, I will try that as soon as I get home! Very appreciated!
No problem, let me know if you need anymore help. If it becomes to much please tow to us and we will help you out.
I read up on you guys, and it seems you are very efficient and honest. Would very much trust to use you in the future, and as soon as the snow goes away, will let you know what happens with my truck. Thanks so much for the help!(Wish I'd have gotten back in time to try it yesterday, as I do tree-work and this heavy snow seems to be breaking trees all over and I could be working today!) Thanks!
No problem, Let us know how we can help. Good luck in the nasty weather.