how do I stop the fan from running when car is off? on 1990 Buick Century

My battery keeps getting drained. I bought a brand new battery and it keeps draining it. I have to jump start it daily. doesn't doing this cause some other damage?85716

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common failure point on older GM vehicles causing battery draw, glove box light, underhood light, under trunk light. remove these bulbs to see if the draw stops.

If you consistently have this draw problem, you will end up burning up your alternator. The alternator is designed to maintain charge on the battery, NOT to charge the battery from flat. If you do this often enough, the alternator will give up the ghost.
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Its not the Alternator because the same thing is happening to me and my alternator is brand new as well as my battery, and for some reason it keeps getting drained, i think its the battery.
alternator is bad
Is it possible you are having issues with your trunk latch not working anymore, or maybe your power antenna for the radio not working?

I say this because I am fairly sure one of those is constantly killing my battery as well.