how do i safely disassemble the steering column in my '93 corolla? on 1993 Toyota Corolla

i need to disassemble the steering column without triggering the air bag or causing any other problems that i'm not aware of and i don't know where to find the information to do this. the goal of this is to see if i can reattach the steering column to the pinion because i messed up when replacing the rack and pinion and now it's looking a little difficult to reallign my steering. does anyone know where i can get the information to fix this problem without having to remove the pinion cover and reallignin the steering wheel so that it is straight when i reallign the steering?

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It is difficult to recenter the steering pinion, you are supposed to take off the plastic cover at the bottom of the steering column at the firewall. Its going to be the right way to do it, open the universal joints center the steering ect... rather than trying to just change the splines on the steering column.
If you do work on your own car, check out Alldata, they are the information source used by most independent repair shops. The information in many cases is straight out of the Toyota factory manuals. You get component location, wiring diagrams repair procedures, service bulletins ect.
The information is your year and model specific and cheap as a one year subscription for a single vehicle.