How do I resolve issue of gearbox dropping oil. on 2006 Honda Ridgeline

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Oil drop when cars been driven and then parked
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you need to determine where the leak is coming from. have a shop determine the leak and get back to us.

It's coming from between the gearbox and the engine. Take out the small plate at the bottom and then you see signs of the oil. it however doesn't drop if the car is not turned on and warms up. Do I have to take Dow the whole gearbox? Is there anyway e
Lse I can resolve the problem? Thanks.
is it oil or trans fluid Be sure. sounds like the rear main seal.If you've done your oil changes according to their maint. minder then i'd bet the seal is deteriorating/brittle and leaking.It's difficult to see , but it is possible to visually verify this ,easier up on a lift ,with good eyes and a very thin flex flashlight (LED works best).the transmissions did have a few issues with front pump seals leaking and faulty welds on the torque converter , but relatively few compared to rear main seals. good luck.