How do I reset the mode actuator after installing a new one on 2002 Bonneville? on 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

Heater only blows out dash vent and still the same after installing a new mode actuator

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Did you plug it in before mounting it?
No I made sure I didn't plug it in to i was done mounting. The old one was a little outside the max lines on the actuator plus had a hairline crack on main plastic gear
The only reset is to pull A/C fuse then replace it, turn the switch on, do not start, and let the control relearn positions for actuators. After a minute or so it should have relearned. If it is not working it should be scanned in data mode, output controls to verify it's operation. Possible door issue as well.
Ok thanks. I'll try new a/c fuse and let u no how it goes. Im looking at fuses in owners manual. I've found 2 that say a/c clutch. Found 2 that say heater-ventalation-a/c blower. And an HVAC battery fuse. And HVAC solenoid. any idea of witch one to replace?
You don't need a new one, just remove and reinstall to clear it.
Did u get my last question? I added to it. Not sure what a/c fuse to try. Bout 8 different ones
HVAC bat fuse 15amp under rear seat. Sorry ran an errand.
Yep that worked thanks! Got one more problem tho. I started by taking the temp actuator out first thinking it was the mode. And my buddy took it apart who is not here now. I put the plastic gears back in and reinstalled. Now its stuck on hot. I seen one small blue gear that had a couple knobs on it. All others looked pretty typical. Any ideas?
If he took it apart you need to replace it. They are timed and it is now a paper weight.
He pulled a couple of the plastic gears gears off. Its junk Then? And supurglued the hair line crack that was starting. Only bout 1/8 inch crack.
Yep unless you can get it back in time and you don't know because it wasn't marked and no telling what else you're not aware of. Best to just replace it.
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