1997 Oldsmobile Aurora Q&A

1997 Oldsmobile Aurora Question: how do i reset the drive cycle in order to pass emissions?

the drive cycle want pass emissions. how do i fix it? -
Answer 1
You must drive the vehicle for approx 2-3 days in order for the drive cycles in the PCM to reset. A drive cycle is considered a cold start, complete warm-up and a distance driven. So in order to complete the tests the vehicle would have to be allowed to cool down completely between trips. Also keep fuel level above 20% and below 80% for evap systems test to be completed. Also the check engine light cant be on. -
Comment 1
I think the drive cycles are different for all cars. I have a Hyundai and the dealer gave me the drive cycle to follow (it is very messy - a lot of increases to 50mph & then down to 40mph). There was two increases to 55 mph. And one long idle of 15 minutes at the beginning after driving it on the freeway for 8 minutes. It is no way how someone in their right mind would drive their car. The Drive Cycle is a joke! The car manufacturer purposely designed it this way so that the dealerships would have to do this on a dyno and collect the big bucks! I am mad at Hyundai and the state of California for requiring this from consumers. It's a rip off big time! -