How do I reset the check engine light on 2007 Toyota Corolla

how do I reset the check engine light or maintence required light?

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How do I reset the check engine light"
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How do I reset the check engine light"
Put your odometer on the original miles setting. Shut engine off. Press your odometer gauge button while you turn your key half on. Wait for the beep noise and count to 5, start your engine while you are still pressing your reset button on the odometer. This will clear it. I was told this in from a toyota mech.
The Check Engine Light and the Maintenance required light are 2 different things. The Check Engine Light means that there is a fault in the computer system. The Maintenance light means you are do for a service. Please have your Check Engine Code retrieved so you can trace down the problem. see
Very Simple. Disconnect your positive cable frrom your battery for 20 secounds so your system can reset.
Let me know how it works. Got to Love it Baby!!
p.s. Let me know how easy it is.
How do reset check engine light
disconnect the battery, then reconnect it.
how to reset check engine light on 1997 corolla
good car , again check the engine light
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