How do I reset the "change engine oil" light, after changing the oil? on 2004 Buick Rendezvous

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We did not receive an owner's manual, when we purchased the car used. Therefore, although we have changed the oil several times, the "change engine oil" light has remained on since shortly after we purchased the car.
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On the lower left side of dash is the Driver information center with two buttons. Push and release the left one, mode until you see oil life left. Hold down button on the right (reset) until oil life is back to 100%.
R u serious? Im going to go try it here in a few minutes ..ill post if it actually worked or not ..r u sure this is the case onnan 04 rendevous?
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Turn the ignition on and press the accelerator fully down and fully up 3 times within 5 seconds. If oil change message flashes it has been reset.
Lmbo its kind of oddball that i run into this question .something so minor but yet it is an issue ,apparently with buick or rendevous models change oil indicator light came on when i changed the oil in my 04 ..hmm i would like to be able to turn it off also
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