How do I reset oil life back to 100%. on 2008 Honda Accord

I recently had a oil change and I can not reset my oil life back to 100%. I tried pushing the button by the odometer until the negative mileage started to blink and then held the button until the mileage reset to zero, which is what i was told to do by the Honda service shop.My oil life was in the negative, so should i remove the battery cables to see if that will make the oil life reset. My car did not hava an owners manuel when i bought it.Can you please help

2 answers
Push the reset button until you get to the oil life display (not tripmeter) then push and hold for about 10 seconds(it will start blinking) , then let go and push and hold again, after about 6 flashes it sould either change to 100% or switch to odometer. If it switches to odometer , then push button until oil life displays again , to verify that it reset.
Youtube, watch video! Get yourself a manual. Bunch of useful info. in there!