How do I replace the washer fluid reservoir on 2006 Cadillac SRX

Bottle is empty so I assume it leaks

Asked by for the 2006 Cadillac SRX
It is in the front fender well under the splash shield. To access it the tire and wheel needs to be removed, the remove the fasteners in the plastic shield, pull it away from the fender, and inspect the pump, hoses, and seals for leaks.
Thanks, that is what I was afraid of, everything on this car is extremely hard to get to.
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did you try to refill it?
I refilled it and tried to wash the windshield but nothing came out, when i checked the next time the bottle was empty.
Could be the hoses , u got to inspect more , those bottles rarely
Leak anymore...
Thanks, that is what I will check next.