2008 Kia Rio Q&A

2008 Kia Rio Question: How do I replace the speedometer/odometer cable?

After replacing the output sensor on my car the odometer and speedometer stopped working. -
Answer 1
there is no speedo cable its all done with sensors and modules seek a diag and est for the repair -
Comment 1
so we can't do it ourselves? Every other Kia I have had I have been able to repair myself. -
Comment 2
these are all tech and need some special attn -
Comment 3
thanks for your help, but I fixed it. Loose wire. -
Comment 4
How did you do it? I'm having the same problem. -
Comment 5
I traced the wires when I changed the output sensor and the wire was disconnected. If you changed the output sensor then trace your wires. They are very small and not noticable. -