How do I replace the flywheel?
on 1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

Truck has 175,000 miles, burns oil but runs good. Every so often the starter and flywheel do not engage properly. Think I am missing a tooth on the flywheel.

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Pull starter to check the drive gear! Look into starter cavity at the teeth on flywheel while a helper very slowly turns the engine to check the condition of the teeth!! Mark flywheel so you can tell when a complete revolution has been made. Now check it one more time! It may be a defective starter drive gear or also called the bendix.
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try for instructions
You gotta pull trans out or back , i wouldnt do it , if u can get by i would
How long u think its gonna last (the truck)if u put second engine in or trans
Id change it then , if gonna junk i d just leave opinion...