How do I replace the drivers side window motor? on 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

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The drivers side window will go down and in time will go back up a little bit at a time (it usually takes about 20 minutes for it to go all the way back up). I was told by a Chevrolet dealership that the drivers side window motor has a short in it and needs to be replaced. I need to know the steps required to replace this motor and maybe pictures would help. I have the inside door panel and plastic off. The problem is I cannot see in behind the door frame to see how the motor comes out. Can someone please help me with this situation.
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the regulator assembly has to be removed with the motor. the window has to be unbolted from the track and put all the way up and supported so it does not interfere with the process. the regulator is secured by 4 rivets that have to be drilled out and removed. disconnect the power to the motor and then the assembly can be removed out the big opening in the door. i suggest purchasing a regulator with a motor. be carfull installing it. it is a tricky job. you may want to consider letting a shop repair it for you.