how do I replace fuel filter on 2007 santa fe? on 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

I took my car in for service and asked for air and fuel filter to be replaced. Mechanic stated car does not have one? What I said...then I said ok. I thought if it did and he didn't know...I didn't want him to replace it anyway...ha ha. Now I am not finding info on this. There must be a fuel filter....where is it?

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The fuel filter is in the tank and is not a maintenance item on your Santa Fe.
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the fuel filter is located on the drivers side of car in front of the gas tank. haynes has the complete instructions for changing. make sure you depreasurize the system before replacing or you will get a very unpleasent shower
I looked on alldata. I need to change mine also. I got under the vehicle. The only place it could be is above the tank and you have to drop the tank to get to it. Is this correct?