How do I replace front heater blower motor. on 2001 Ford E-350

Can the blower motor be replaced without disconnecting air conditioning line? It looks like the battery box will need to be removed also. Is this true?

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Blower Motor

Remove the battery (10655).
Remove the battery tray.
Remove the screws.
Remove the battery tray.

NOTE: This step must be performed if the vehicle is equipped with an A/C system.

Move the suction accumulator/drier (19C836).
Remove the three screws.
Move the suction accumulator/drier.

Remove the blower motor (19805).
Disconnect the electrical hardshell connector.
Remove the blower motor housing tube (19A786).
Remove four screws.
Remove the retaining clip.
NOTE: To ease removal, align the flat spot on the blower motor mounting plate with the accumulator.

Remove the blower motor.

NOTE: Note the location of the blower motor wheel (18504) on the blower motor .

Remove the blower motor wheel.
Remove the retaining clip.
Remove the blower motor wheel.


To install, reverse the removal procedure.