How do I replace bearing on left side of gearbox where CV sit and turns? on 1996 Nissan Sentra

there is noise at the gearbox where the left inner CV gets in. Mechanic say there is a pilot bush/bearing which is worn out.

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Is it leaking the lube out at that point?
no there is no leakage
Usually if the bushing is shot, so is the seal which should be leaking! Just a thought.
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How many miles on it and how long has it had this noise?................
200k and it started a month ago
Pilot bearing/bushing is in the flywheel, should be changed when the clutch is done.Is the 'gearbox' manual or automatic?
It's normally a bushing, and you need a new set of tools to do the job.
what kind of tools do i need and what is the number/code for this bush?