how do i replace a power steering pump on 1993 Ford Bronco

i dont know how to do

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This is from autozone's web page
Sign up its free and put in your Bronco's info then choose repair guides and under steering choose the ford power steering pump replacement because there are torque settings you will need to reinstall this pump properly

# Disconnect the return line at the pump and drain the fluid into a container.

# Disconnect the pressure line from the pump.

# Loosen the pump bracket nuts and remove the drive belt. On the 4.9L engine or 5.0L engine with a serpentine drive belt, remove belt tension by lifting the tensioner out of position.

# Remove the nuts and lift out the pump/bracket assembly.

# If a new pump or bracket is being installed, you'll have to remove the pulley from the present pump. This is best done with a press and adapters.

# Installation is the reverse of removal.