how do i replace a heater core on 2000 Chevrolet S10

how do i replace the heater core on my chevy s10 pick up

by in Sandyville, WV on November 17, 2009
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ANSWER by on November 17, 2009
Looks like you need to remove the dashboard, here are the instructions, but you will need o go to or to get instructions with pictures. Removal & Installation: Disconnect the negative battery cable. Drain the engine cooling system. Remove or disconnect the following: * Heater hoses from the heater core Remove the instrument panel as follows: * Disable the air bag system. * Set the parking brake and block the wheels. * Disconnect the parking brake release cable from the parking brake lever. * Unfasten the screws that retain the DLC instrument panel left side sound insulator. Feed the DLC through the hole in the sound insulator. * Unfasten the right side sound insulator panel screws and remove the panel. * Unfasten the screws that attach the instrument panel left side sound insulator to the knee bolster and cowl panel. * Unfasten the nut that attaches the left side sound insulator to the accelerator pedal bracket. * Unplug the remote control door lock receiver module electrical connector. * Remove the door lock receiver module from the left side sound insulator. Remove the left side sound insulator. * Unfasten the screws that attach the instrument panel center sound insulator to the knee bolster, instrument panel, heater assembly and floor duct. * Remove the center sound insulator. * Unfasten the screws that attach the courtesy lamp to the knee bolster. * Unfasten the screws that attach the knee bolster to the instrument panel. * Disconnect the lap cooler duct from the knee bolster. * Unplug the lighter electrical connection and remove the knee bolster. * Unfasten the steering column-to-instrument panel nuts and lower the column. * Unfasten the screws that attach the instrument panel accessory trim plate to the instrument panel. * Remove the trim plate and unplug all necessary electrical connection. * Remove the heater and/or air conditioning control assembly. * Remove the radio and the storage compartment assembly (if equipped). * If necessary, remove the instrument cluster. * Unfasten the left and right instrument panel pivot bolts and the panel lower support bolt. * Unfasten the speaker grilles retaining screws and remove the speaker grilles. * Remove the windshield defroster grille using a flat-bladed prytool. Start at one end of the grille and work your way down the grille. * Unfasten the 4 instrument panel upper support screws. * Tag and unplug all necessary electrical connections. * Remove the instrument panel from the vehicle. Remove or disconnect the following: * Air inlet assembly, if equipped * Vacuum hoses * Heater assembly studs, from inside the engine compartment * Blower motor resistor * From inside the heater case assembly, the stud; the stud is located behind the blower motor resistor * Heater assembly-to-chassis screws * Heater assembly from the vehicle * Access cover screws and cover from the heater assembly * Heater core from the heater case assembly
ANSWER by on April 28, 2010
omg good luck you better off takeing it to a shop the whole complet dash has got to come out
ANSWER by on September 26, 2010
remove glove box 4 screws get help, it took me 2 saturdays
ANSWER by on November 15, 2010
ur slo lol
COMMENT by on August 13, 2011
I have a 2003 Chevy S10 Pickup, 4.3l V6. I'm trying to change the heater core. I have a Haynes Repair Manual. I have removed the dash. I've also removed the blower mower resistor screw to the heating/ventilation module as described in the repair manual. I'm now trying to remove the heating/ventilation module. The repair manual does not match what i see. The manual says remove the screws from the vehicle interior and remove the module. I've found one screw on the interior which does not loosen the module. While searching the web, I've found references for similar vehicles that you need to remove the front right fender, wheel and loosen screws in the engine compartment which go thru the firewall. Does anyone know the detailed steps to remove the heating/ventilation module on a 2004 Chevy s10 pu? thanks in advance for your time.
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