1994 Dodge Caravan Q&A

1994 Dodge Caravan Question: how do i remove the transmission speed sensor?

inner sensor and the outer sensor -
Answer 1
VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR is located at the rear of the Transaxle extension housing. When the sensor is removed for any reason, a NEW O-ring must be installed on its outside diameter. REMOVAL: Remove harness connector from sensor. Make sure weatherseal stays on harness, connector. Remove bolt securing the sensor in the extension housing. Carefully pull sensor and pinion gear assembly out of extension housing. Remove pinion gear from sensor. INSTALLATION : To install, reverse the above procedure. Make sure extension housing and sensor flange are clean prior to installation. Always use a NEW sensor O-ring. Tighten bolt to 7 N·m (60 in. lbs.). Tighten speedometer cable to 4 N·m (35 in. lbs.). -