How do I remove the rear license plate lights? on 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Have been to three places, and no one knew how to remove the old bulbs. My manual only shows an arrow with a small twist and pull....maybe if you have bionic fingers. I have been warned by a deputy sherrif to have them!

Cheaper to take it to a "real" mechanic and get it fixed before the deputy sees them out again!
We got them bionic fingers you know. Or just don't drive it at night.
I did have a real mechanic look at it! I'll try another place today, oh brother, all to change a bulb. I am ready to duct tape a small flashlight to the plate!
I know what you mean they don't make it easy but that is why we have all these tools.
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the bulb socket may be remove from the rear with a twist
That's what we tried. Each socket turns just a hair in either direction, clockwise, or counter clockwise, but will not come out. It's plastic around the bulb, so it's not like it's corroded, just no room to manipulate fingers to turn them. Maybe there is a special tool. I am going to Firestone next, see if one of the mechanics there have an idea. Thanks though.